About the Couple

About Tia

The Beautiful Tia CotterTia is a native Oregonian, born and raised in the  Salem area. Tia was very active as a teen, taking dance lessons for 10 years in jazz and hip-hop. Tia was also active in the theater program doing props management for four plays, the child development program, the history club, and the key club. Her favorite activity was the child development program, where she helped run a preschool, and worked her way up to being a lead teacher. During high school, Tia was also a crack sandwich artist at subway.

Tia attended the University of Oregon from 2007- 2011 where she studied Family and Human Services. During her time at UO, she volunteered and interned at a bunch of great places like the HIV Alliance, DHS, Head Start, and Birth to Three. Tia finished a giant 90-hour senior project and graduated from UO in 2011 with her degree. She started her first job out of school the next day working as a toddler teacher. Tia worked full time in residential treatment for a while until returning to be a preschool interventionist. Tia loves to read, watch TV, and travel. She collects rubber ducks and postcards.


About Kyle

Kyle is HandsomeKyle was born in corn fields of Illinois (Princeton, Illinois) where he lived until 1991 at that point Kyle and his family moved to the northern part of Ohio where they lived until  1995. Kyle and his family then moved to Antwerp Belgium. Kyle got his first trumpet in the third grade. While living in Europe, Kyle and his family had the opportunity to travel extensively, some of his favorite places to go were, Germany, Netherlands, and France.

In 2001 Kyle and his family moved to Avon Lake, Ohio. While in Avon Lake, Kyle was active in the band program participating in marching band all four years of high school; Kyle became Band President his senior year. In addition, Kyle participated in the patriots band, Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony. Kyle  also participated in the  Model UN, Tennis Team, Amenity International, and Academic Challenge.

Kyle attended University of Oregon from 2007-2011 studying Music Technology with a minor in Computer Information Technology. Kyle graduated Cum Laude from University of Oregon in 2011. Kyle now works as a web developer.
In Kyle’s spare time he enjoys playing his trumpet, playing X-box, bike riding, and making music.

How we met

We are Beautiful and Handsome, Beautisome!

Kyle and Tia met at the University of Oregon in 2007. They both lived in the dorm building McClure, Earl. Kyle lived on the first floor Tia lived on the second. They met at a dorm event called “class hunt and brunch” they spent the afternoon having lunch and walking around campus together chatting the whole time. Later that same night Tia and Kyle met up again by accident at the intermingle event, where they spent the whole night hanging out, laughing and getting to know each other. Kyle came up 2 days later and asked Tia on a date they became inseparable ever since.

Proposal Story

On May 26th, 2012, I returned home from work and it was pouring rain Kyle met me at my car with an umbrella. As I entered the apartment I saw that Kyle made a slide show of pictures of us and had some of our songs playing in the background. Kyle had also set up a display of pictures of us, wedding books and magazines.  Kyle read a list of 25 plans that he had for our lives and the last one was to marry me and as he read it he got down on one knee and asked me.



3 Responses to About the Couple

  1. Ralene Linneman says:

    So happy that you two found each other!

  2. Karin Timperi says:

    Congrats to you both!! What a romantic way to propose =0)

  3. Laura Schiller says:

    Oh I love this website!!! :) you two look great! though I have to say, that whole “How we met” part totally needs to add me ;)
    Oh and I love the proposal story!!!! so romantic :) I miss and love you both, hope the wedding planning is being fun! Hugs!

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