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Kyle and I went and saw The Ainsworth House & Gardens this afternoon. The Ainsworth House & Gardens is located in Oregon City, Oregon. The Ainsworth House & Gardens was beautiful to say the least! Everywhere we looked all we saw was well maintained and you could see the pride, time, care, and attention to details that the owners and staff put into this property.  Kyle and I are both really excited about this place!

Built in 1851, and originally sitting on 18 acres, the Ainsworth House has been on this site for over 160 years.
The house has been added to over the years, with a major addition being put on in 1851, and then the bay windows between 1910 and 1920.
The house maintained all 18 acres until 1990, when the then-owners began selling off extra land for development. The house currently has just over 2 acres, and it is all protected by now by being on the National Historical register.



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