Ainsworth House & Gardens 7/16/12

Kyle and I went and saw The Ainsworth House & Gardens this afternoon. The Ainsworth House & Gardens is located in Oregon City, Oregon. The Ainsworth House & Gardens was beautiful to say the least! Everywhere we looked all we saw was well maintained and you could see the pride, time, care, and attention to details that the owners and staff put into this property.  Kyle and I are both really excited about this place! Here is our list of pros and cons:



Really nice


Can easily do indoor and outdoor options and we have until noon the day of to make up our minds

Flexible in terms of payment plan

Real good discounts for photographers

People were nice

Lots of great history

Well Maintained

Lots of choices for ceremony, rehearsal

Grooms area

Brides area

Centerpieces included

Real space for dancing

Big enough for a brass quintet (outside)

Closer to our home

Big enough to fit 100 people

Specialized in smaller/ budget weddings

Provide transport between the two choice hotels and the place for free

Bar area



Weird to find

The inside of the second house was a little dated

Upper end of our budget

The quintet could be too loud inside



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  1. Laura Schiller says:

    I love, love, love it! that bridal room is super cute! and the gardens look much better in your pics than at the actual website for the place

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