Welcome to our wedding website. Thank you for visiting, we hope that you find all the information that you need about our wedding here.  Please come back often, as we will be adding new details regularly. Here are the big things to remember:

The wedding will be on  Saturday October Fifth, 2013. It will be in the early evening, perfectly timed with the beautiful Oregon sunset.

We will be getting married at the Ainsworth House and Gardens. The ceremony will be Outdoors, in a grassy lawn under a beautiful large pine tree. It will not rain on this date (we will be harnessing Autzen Stadium’s magic), but if there is a heavy sprinkle in the air, we have an area for the ceremony indoors at the same location. The reception will be immediately after the ceremony at the same location, but inside a reception hall.

In regards to what to wear, our wedding is what the fashion experts call “Semi-Formal“. We interpret this as wearing nice pants and a button up shirt or a suit if you feel like it, or a nice dress or skirt. For reference, Kyle is wearing a nice suit instead of a tux, and Tia is wearing a wedding dress.

As we’ve been learning during the planning process, there are a lot of little details to wedding planning, and we’re hoping to share it all with you with this website. Feel free to browse around, and don’t hesitate to leave comments!

3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Uncle Tom says:

    Looks great.
    For those of us that will be arriving from non local locations do you have a list of hotels/restruants would would recommend?
    Reviewing web sites done by the hotels can / are miss leading.
    If it is near Brad/BJ’s and the wedding site that would be Great.

  2. Tia says:

    Hi Uncle Tom,
    Kyle and I will be looking into Hotels/restaurants within the next couple of weeks and we will make sure to post our finds on our website.

  3. mom of the bride says:

    am browsing thur your wedding web page and it was easy to find now that i have had a look see i will now pass on to others

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